Sunday, March 23, 2014


Plussizesavvy would like to introduce you to Ms Tyeisha aka b or Bomber Gurl because she is a party music producer . Tyeisha is 24 going on 25 march 31st.  She is an all around artist that does a little of everything sculpting, painting, hair & makeup, you name it she could probably do it...

Quick interview

1) Describe your style? 
My style is retro vintage. I live for the 90's. Im also like a pretty tomboy I love jerseys snapbacks my favorite brand is adidas and im heavily influenced by asap rocky

2) What makes you plussize & savvy?

What makes me plussize & savvy is that I have a unique sense of style. Most plussize girls want to rock the rihanna trill tomboyish look but don't know how..  but I find ways to pull inspiration from that and incorporate that into my style.

3) What's you favorite items of clothing that's less than $50?

My prized possessions are my adidas button up  Jersey from the salvation army $5.  My adidas jacket from the salvation army thrift that i added spikes to $6, both of my YRU Platform sneakers black pair $49.99 white pair $39, My mesh adidas shirt $3 salvation army and all 37 pairs of my glasses all under $10

Glasses from a stand downtown center city  $5.. necklace $2 on sale forever 21.. dress worn as a shirt from conway $10.. belt thrifted salvation army $1.. floral denim jeans distress by me $4 thrifted salvation army..  shoes $12 on sale at target..  bracelet set & pear earrings $1 local beauty supply store and  ring $5 jewelry store in New York

Spiked Hat $15 from ebay.. Faux Leather Shirt $16.99 from Burlington Coat Factory.. Faux Leather Leggings from $12.99 Rainbow.. YRU Platforms $49.99 from Barefeet Shoes.. gold chain $1 thrifted.. Spiked bracelet $1 local beauty supply store other bracelets $1 each

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